Cyber Protect

Cyber Protect

What would happen if………

The following is a suggested sales aid to enable potential policyholders to

understand their exposure to Cyber Crime or Misuse:

What would happen if…

you switched on the computer to find that all the data had been erased or deleted as
a result of equipment failure, error or malicious attack ?


  • What would you do if…

the back-ups failed or indeed someone within your organisation had failed to
take the backups or worse still the backups had been stolen or corrupted ?

  • Consider the scenario if…

both your internal IT experts and your Software providers cannot recover your

Who would you contact if…

you had reasonable grounds to believe that someone within your organisation was
leaking confidential information such as client or customer details ?

  • What would happen if…

the theft also involved sensitive company information such as plans,
specifications, drawings and accounts ?

Who would you turn to if…

you suffered a malicious attack, which meant that your IT system had been
compromised by hacking, either internally or externally ?

What would happen if…

a disgruntled employee or IT supplier maliciously ‘planted’ a time lock, which meant
that at a given time in the future your computer ‘died’ ?

How would you obtain the evidence if…

your own internal IT “experts” were misusing/violating your IT system…

‘Who Police’s the Police ?’

How could you obtain the legal proof required if…

you had reasonable grounds to believe a member or members of staff were in
serious breach of your IT policy by spending an excessive amount of company time
utilising your computer system for personal use whether it be internet browsing or
email messaging or online shopping ?

  • What would you do if…

you suspected that certain members of staff were viewing wholly inappropriate
images ?

What would happen if…

your accountants had discovered a ‘hole’ in the accounts whereby there were
reasonable grounds to believe that a member of staff was using their IT skills to
undertake company fraud ?

How would you obtain the evidence…

should you have reasonable grounds to dismiss a member of staff who was misusing
company owned mobile IT equipment such as Laptops, Mobile Phones, PDA’s or
Memory Sticks ? What would you do if such misuse involved the taking of totally
inappropriate images and the blame was put on an innocent party ?

If any or all of these issues are a concern then the solution is 

Cyber Protect

The policy at a relatively small cost provides within 48 hours expert Digital Forensic
Investigators to:

  • Recover and Rebuild Data
  • Investigate and provide an evidential report to establish whether you have been the subject of either internal or external Cyber Theft or Attack
  • Investigate your computer system to determine serious breaches of your company IT policy


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